Camera System

When it comes to the quality of our images, we don’t make compromises. Our cameras are much more than just “webcams”. Unlike the usual network cameras, we utilize professional full frame cameras with a resolution of 23-51 megapixels. In order to properly capture this resolution, we only use the best optics available. Having no disadvantages due to a crop factor, this enables us to even get ultra-wide-angle pictures without distorted horizons. Furthermore, the high dynamic range of our cameras lets us capture brilliant images in virtually any lighting condition.

When creating photography, being in control is key. Our primary goal is to deliver outstanding results. In order to achieve this, we need to creatively control the pictures we take. With our camera software we have all settings at our fingertips, and can quickly adjust to different situations, and capture every moment the way it deserves.

The locations we place our camera systems at are usually not the friendliest environment for high-end electronic equipment: They have to face everything from ice-cold winter temperatures to desert climates, from sandstorms to snowstorms. Our system design ensures maximum stability and durability regardless of climate condition and weather.


Workflow / Data Management

As time lapse specialists, our workflow is built to make the journey of the millions of high resolution pictures from the camera all the way into the finished film safe, secure, and efficient. To this end, we developed special hard- and software solutions.

Our camera systems on site already redundantly save the pictures.Large projects with lots of cameras are provided with an additional on-site back-up server. Having transferred the pictures to our internal servers, they are ingested into our proprietary post production pipeline. They are then processed for editing.
All steps up to here are fully automated. Once our creative team starts to work on your film, they already have the footage ready for production, and can focus on telling the story of your project.
After project completion, all data will be copied and securely stored at 2 separate locations, one being a fireproof safe off the premises.

Time Lapse Production

Creative Time Lapse Film Production

Making great images is only the first step towards an amazing time lapse film. With the help of our state-of-the-art post production infrastructure, we select the best and most interesting sequences out of the millions of pictures, and creatively edit them into a film.
Time lapse does not mean just a series of images played back in sequence. It is an art form requiring a lot of creativity to be fully mastered. A one-fits-all time lapse approach - that's not what we believe in. Different actions require different techniques, and all projects are different. We believe that each project deserves a unique and creative approach.
In addition to the final project film we also offer the production of time lapse films during construction. They are great for events like the groundbreaking the topping-out, but also for communicating your progress to everybody involved, or the public. No matter which of our service packages you select, with access to our high-resolution footage, we are always able to produce an artful film for you.